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£1,000 Bonus Incentive Offered to New Early Years Workers

£1,000 Bonus Incentive Offered to New Early Years Workers

The Department for Education has launched a new initiative as part of the “Do Something Big” recruitment campaign aimed at addressing the shortage of Early Years workers…

Offering recruits a £1,000 bonus when they start a role in childcare, the pilot scheme (with a budget of £4.9 million) aims to support up to 3,000 new starters and returners in taking a job role within Early Years.

This £1,000 bonus will be provided as a tax-free cash payment following a 3 month probationary period in their new Early Years job role and to be eligible the staff member must be new to the profession or returning after a break of at least six months, with their new role requiring them to spend at least 70% of their time working directly with children.

The pilot scheme will run from April to December 2024 and Local Authorities have been invited to participate based on the highest demand for staff in their areas. The pilot aims to assess the effectiveness of the signing bonus as an incentive for recruitment in these specific regions and you can search Jobs by eyrecruit to find roles in the local authority areas below:

The Department for Education's "Do Something Big" campaign is a proactive step towards addressing the workforce shortage in Early Years and is a direct response to the persistent challenges of recruitment in Early Years as highlighted in Ofsted’s annual report.

Take advantage of the £1,000 bonus and contribute to the development and nurturing of future generations.